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Golden Stars Driving School is the place that will equip you with all the skills that a beginner at driving needs. All you need is to have turned the legal age for obtaining the vehicle license that you need and you can come to our school in Burlingame, CA for the following classes:

Behind-the-Wheel Driver Training

An insured and well-trained instructor will be by your side when you are making your first steps behind the wheel. Within the span of 6 hours, you will learn what skills you need to obtain in order to be a safe driver. These lessons will be in two-hour increments. In case you need additional lessons, you can freely request them from your instructors. The student gets picked put and dropped off at no additional charge.

Professional Driving Lessons

Professional Driving Lessons

Internet Traffic School Course

Our DMV-licensed traffic violator school (TVS) Internet course in Burlingame, CA is accepted statewide and it consists of an easy-to-read program. As much as it is entertaining, it is also loaded with images, graphics, videos, and jokes to make you laugh and learn at the same time. You don’t have to come to a classroom either. You can be sitting in the comfort of your home and take it there.

Booklet Traffic School Course

Just like its Internet-based version, the DMV-licensed traffic violator school (TVS) booklet course we offer is both amusing and informative. It is easy-to-follow and it is packed with colorful harts to help you understand traffic-related situations better. You can take your booklet anywhere, read it on the go, or keep it in your car to refresh your knowledge when needed.

If you have any questions for us, contact us and let our specialists answer them for you. Make sure you can rely on experts to become a skilled driver by calling (650) 692-9098 and booking our professional services!

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